Rana Roy

Rana Roy

IMG_3900 Was one of Sharmila’s very first students, starting at the age of 9yrs old. She was provided the opportunity to dance in Sharmila’s professional group at 13yrs old alongside Sharmila herself. She continued to dance in launches, events and concerts across the Middle East and at the age of 16 moved to London to continue training as a dancer at a renowned school.

After her 3 year programme she went on to dance for numerous artists music videos and award shows in England including Calvin Harris, Mel C (Spice Girls), James Morrison, Danni Minogue, etc. Rana appeared on the BBC show “Dance X” where her team went on to win, forming a pop band, touring the UK with Rihanna and Ciara and releasing a single and fitness video.

Rana then turned her eye to acting, landing a lead role on ITV’s “Britannia High”, which included an album release with Universal Records. Continuing down the acting route she studied at a year programme in New York City where she currently resides. Since completing she has had guest roles in Film and TV shows including NBC’s “Michael J Fox Show”, ABC’s “Black Box” and more recently a recurring guest role on ABCFamily’s “Switched at Birth”

Rana always returns to Dubai and attends every single class Sharmila has while she’s there. She attributes everything she has amounted to in her career to the training she received and continues to get from from Sharmila.

I realized quickly after leaving Dubai, how spoilt I was by having her as my mentor/instructor. Sharmila is one in a billion and what she has to offer not only as a dance teacher but beyond that is so special. The amount she gives to us, all her students, enhances us as human beings which inevitably seeps into everything we strive for. I’ll be grateful for her forever