Class Information

Sharmila’s Dance classes are a mix of Hip-Hop, St. Jazz, Funk, Jazz, Lyrical and Contemporary. The routine changes every 2 weeks and with that comes a new style.

The class begins with a high energy warm-up to get your body warm, then going into a technical section to improve ones technique, intense stretching, ab workout, isolations, corner work consisting of coordination exercises and technical jumps followed by a dance routine.


Admission Requirements:

• Sign up’s for new students happen throughout the year
• Register before every lesson.
• New students require passport picturesdownload
• All students need to sign the application form. (Download PDF)


What to wear: 

Anything comfortable that allows you to stretch without embarrassing yourself! Sneakers that don’t have a black sole, please no heels!


• Level 1 A – Ages 7 – 9
• Level 1 B – Ages 9 – 12
• Level 2 – Ages 13 – 16
• Teens – Ages 16 – 21
• Adults – 18+ (Mixed Ability)
• Adults Morning – Basic + General level


Ballet is taught for dancers that don’t necessarily want to go to a formal ballet school however would still like to have some degree of classical training.

  • Basic Level:
    Age 7+: Basics are required
  • Elementary Level:
    Ages of 12 and up: Basics are required.
  • Intermediate Level:
    Adults and advanced teens.

What to wear:

Girls: Pink tights with black leotard and hair tied in a bun.
Boys: Black tights and sleeveless shirt.


Fee Structure:

General & Intermediate level ballet card valid for one month only

735.00 AED for 12 lessons
525.00 AED for 8 lessons
80.00 AED for 1 class only

Beginner & Basic level ballet card valid for three months
685.00 AED for 10 lessons
80.00 AED for 1 class only

Liv Dance:
All levels for three months only
1260.00 AED for 20 lessons
685.00 AED for 10 lessons
75.00 AED for 1 class only