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5 Things to Consider Before Trying Pointe in Ballet

Pain Free Pointe

Dancing “en pointe,” or on pointe, is a major goal in a ballerina’s dance life. Dancing on pointe, or your toes, requires tremendous strength of the legs and feet. Many ballet teachers have strict requirements for starting pointe work. How do you know when you’re ready for pointe shoes? Following are 5 requirements that must be met before considering starting …

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Hamza El B

Nationality: Moroccan Height: 5’ 8” Hair Colour: Black Eye Colour: Brown Background: Sharmila’s Dance Dance Styles:Breakdance, Hiphop, Popping, House and Acrobats.  

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A Rhythmic Amalgamation of Acrobatics and Dance


Acrobatic dance or Acro dance is a fusion of classical dance forms and acrobatics. It is often seen that this form of dance has a unique choreography that is set on music, allowing the dancer to portray emotions and expressions while performing athletic acrobatic moves. Acro dance draws its inspiration from other dance forms such as jazz, modern dance, lyrical, …

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Dancers as Athletes

2016 SDE A05 Chicago EC4A7927 2

The human body is an amazing machine and in everyday life we use merely a fraction of the muscles and movement permutations available to us.  Contemporary dance is one dance genre that constantly explores the movements of the body striving for innovation and originality. As knowledge about the body increases, dance training improves and the competition for excellence paired with …

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Natty Lou

Nationality: British Height: 5’ 4” Hair Colour: Blonde Eye Colour: Blue Dance Styles: Jazz, Hip Hop, Street Jazz,  

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The Beauty of Ballet Dancing

It hasn’t always been as graceful and eloquently designed as are the intricate presentations you can see upon a visit to theater. However, ballet has been around since the 15th century when small groups of people would gather to witness a rudimentary form of ballet. What is often considered so beautiful about this type of dance is the gracefulness of …

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Contemporary Dance

170421 170422 Extravaganza A14 Relationships EC4A2069

The origins of western contemporary dance can be traced back to the beginning of the 20th century. While the big names in modern dance all date from this time period, the influences that inspired these contemporary dance founders go back for centuries, and are not limited to the western world. What Is Contemporary Dance? Contemporary dance is officially the name …

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Dancing and the Brain

Sharmila Dance A05 Enchantment EC4A6440

Toes tap, wrists flick, arms extend, but it is the brain that dances. Many parts of the brain act together to turn a body’s motion from discrete movements into a fluid, physical art form. Watching or executing a moment of dance, several regions of the brain may become active: they may speedily calculate spatial orientation, readjust motor signals, or attach …

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