Sharmila Kamte

Choreographer, Instructor, Director

Sharmila Kamte; a dynamic, energetic and creative personality with a work experience of over 20 years! In her years of experience she has worked in numerous countries around the world including UK, India, France, Australia, Greece, Bahrain, Oman, Egypt, Morocco and Lebanon. She has worked as a dance instructor, model, dancer, choreographer and director over the years. Having performed in Music videos, TV commercials, concerts, Award shows, Stage Shows and various Product Launches in her career.

Born in New Delhi, India, studying at the British School New Delhi, Sharmila began her dance training at the Anna Pavolova Ballet School in the Russian Cultural Centre in New Delhi. She made a name for herself as a dancer, winning various dance competitions as well as performing in local shows before leaving for the UK, to further her studies in dance, at The Legat School of Classical Ballet, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK.

At the college Sharmila studied Classical Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Singing, Choreography, Teacher Training and Benish Notation. After graduating Sharmila went on to perform and choreograph in various shows around the world. She continues to update her training; attending classes herself in the UK and US yearly.

Eventually she based herself in Dubai, teaching St.Jazz, Hip Hop, Jazz and Ballet, and holds workshops with International choreographers every year. Sharmila has moved her classes to the Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre at the Mall of the Emirates and continues to have over 700 students attending her classes weekly.

Along side her teaching she continues to choreograph and work with the top dancers, models and artists in Dubai to create truly unique shows.

Sharmila wants dance to be enjoyed and made accessible to everyone!