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How Ballet Can Make You A Better Leader

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Louis XIV (1638-1715)– considered France’s greatest king, who reigned for 72 years (from the age of 5, actually taking the throne in 1661 and ruling for 54 years until his death), was himself renowned for being as outstanding a dancer as he was a military and political leader. In fact, his nickname “The Sun King” derives from a role he …

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Dance is not just a hobby or passion… it’s a lifestyle.

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People Who Grow Up Dancing Are Happier, Less Stressed Smarter Once you lace up your pointe shoes, there’s nothing like the high of becoming one with the music. Everything else in the world fades away when the music begins. Your breathing coincides with each graceful movement, as your feet whisk you away across the dance floor. Like “The Nutcracker,” every …

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